Dean John – Versatile (Deluxe Album)
Coming Soon 2015


London’s most unique electronic artist today works to a different agenda, skilfully fusing iconic musical elements from the 80′s with modern Underground Sound. Having honed his own bespoke style, Dean’s re-wiring of 80′s New Wave mixed with today’s current Underground Sound is proving to gel for all the right reasons. Combining solid production skills and sublime eerie vocals, his new releases set a benchmark for nu-disco and deep house lovers. He thrives on vivid imagination, and, coupled with genuine originality, showcases an extraordinary ability that sets him apart from the rest.

From the age of 13 Dean was a regular at Red Records, London, and a keen member of the Southwark Youth Orchestra. From here he developed both the knowledge and skill that propelled him in to DJ-ing, production, label ownership and event directorship.

Dean’s continued connection with the music scene has seen numerous highlights in his career that include supporting artists such as WILL.I.AM and Mark Ronson on their UK tours. He has also co-managed various international sponsored festivals and received a charity recognition award in event management.

For several years Dean took to the airwaves delivering prime time radio shows, for both Beat FM and Sunrise, winning over keen underground audiences week after week. In between projects he has also successfully hosted over 250 international events, under his brand’s umbrella, and worked with a long list of critically acclaimed performers.

Dean currently heads up his independent record labels (Sentio and LR) and continues to both song-write and produce for various artists in the music industry.

The forward thinking professional is set to launch his debut double album “Versatile” in early 2015 and will also feature several music videos for VEVO and MTV taken from the album. Vintage dark synths, driving deep disco beats fused with alternative music define his new sound.

For the future Dean embraces new ideas and effortlessly delivers different perspectives on underground music both in the studio and on the dance floor. Dean is definitely one to continue watching in 2014 and beyond.

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